Sundays Worship, 10:00 – 11:00am
Child care is available during service.
Some dress up. Some dress down. Just come dressed.
Our worship services are a great blend of tradition and modern with a dash of the unexpected. We’re pretty passionate about Jesus – So we use all the gifts God gave us to worship him: music, visual arts, creative liturgy and the like. We honor the history that has formed us and we also embrace the new things that God is doing in our midst. So you’ll find a mix of traditional and contemporary for everyone, as well as something styled just for grandparents and something just for kids.  God is calling all different kinds of people together at the Grove. People who’ve been following Christ for years and people who are just beginning their faith journey. People formed in Pentecostal or non-denominational churches and cradle Presbyterians. Republican and Democrat, black and white, Asian and Hispanic, wealthy and impoverished and all ages too. All these labels are both acknowledged and overshadowed by the tangible unity Christ is forming among us here. This is the story and community you’re invited into. And you are wildly welcome.

Let Us Pray For You
When life throws a you for a loop, or a negative circumstance arises that’s more than you bargained for, or a major challenge is on the scene in your life or in that of a loved one, let us pray for you.  To make us aware of any prayer needs throughout the week or to add a prayer request to the church bulletin, email us at prayers@thegrovecharlotte.org

Sunday 2nd Hour

Sundays 11:15 – 12:15pm
Child care is available during all 2nd Hour groups.
Helping you consistently connect with God, take the next step in growing spiritually and experience impacting relationships in faith community is a big part of why we exist. Because of this we offer a wide variety of ways to make movement in that direction as easy as possible for you no matter where you are spiritually. What’s listed below covers all age groups.

01-two-cups-of-coffee (1)Community Cafe
Coffee, conversation, connection. Hosted in the Fellowship Hall, the Community Cafe is set up as a place for people to meet, talk and cultivate relationships over a cup of coffee or cold drinks in a casual setting. Authentic community is spiritual formation. Community Cafe is also space for individuals to simply unwind, or reflect and debrief with others about the morning’s sermon while your kids are enjoying kid’s and youth group. The Cafe is open during 1st Hour and right after Sunday worship service, so you can catch up with old friends and connect with new ones.


prayer roomPrayer Room
Some quiet time to refuel with God. Prayer is an essential aspect of spiritual formation. Located downstairs in a room off the gym the Prayer Room is sacred space for facilitating all kinds of prayer. Filled with targeted prayer themes, thought-provoking art, audio-visuals, creative and interactive liturgy stations, maps and great music. All to help you fully engage God in conversation about you, your community and your world. The Prayer Room will be open and available for one hour before Sunday worship service as a part of  The Grove’s Sunday School experience.



Roots is a youth group  at The Grove to encourage youths ages 13-19 to walk with God and to identify and maintain their identity in Christ and who God is calling them to be. Our foundation scripture is 2:7 which talks about how we are rooted and built up in Christ, being strengthened in the faith as we are taught.



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