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prayer-room-logo-SMALL-FINALThe Grove has a terrific prayer room dedicated to helping its community members get some one-on-one time with God. It’s great for those who consider themselves bad at prayer & those who are seasoned intercessors. There are themed prayer stations, art, music, stories, & info of all kinds to help you pray for yourself & the things that matter in your community & in your world. The Prayer Room is open every Sunday from 11am-12am. You may also contact the church to set up a special date & time to come lock yourself in alone with God during the week.



Presbyterian Daily Prayer App             How To Pray For An Hour            Audio Teachings On Prayer




 If you are gifted in knitting, crocheting, or sewing skills & want to participate in the life of the church

by making Prayer Blankets for newly married couples, and/or Prayer Shawls for community members who

are sick, pregnant, etc, contact Judith Wright at:





 Check out the uptown 24-7 Prayer Room. 

It’s sacred space for people who live in the real world. 

Take a look around their WEBSITE HERE

to learn more about this beautiful & engaging prayer room.







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